We take Safety very seriously and is our company’s foremost priority. The Vertigo High Dine tables are designed according to the German safety standards. The steel structure carrying 24 people has gone under rigorous testing and checks before we have opened it up for our customers. The flight goes as high as 160 ft, so it’s understandable to get cold feet. But you can be assured that we take safety very seriously which is why it took years for this project to get off the ground in Lonavala. You’ll feel relaxed the second you take the flight and notice you are in safe hands of our expert team.
Wait staff in protective workwear cleaning tables in restaurant
Restaurant table
The High Dine structure is a high-grade metal frame platform that has the capacity to seat 24 people around the table. Secured by aircraft-standard safety belts on comfortable seats which can rotate a complete 180°. Please be rest assured, our attentive staff members are also secured by accredited Petzl harnesses. The tables are regularly checked and maintained to ensure maximum safety for our guests, partners and staff.
We want you to have the best dining experience, click the best selfies, enjoy your food in the sky, enjoy the moment to fullest…… and all of this will happen in a totally safe way.